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When there are plenty of people interested in a certain trip on a certain date, you'll get an email with the trip info: dates, age groups, itinerary

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Group Tours

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Practical Questions & Info

How do I participate?

Simply fill out our form and we'll keep you informed about any upcoming trips you might be interested to join.

What is the difference between a group tour, and a "join a group" safari or trek?

Our group tours are full trip itineraries: we provide transport, accommodation, meals and excursions for your complete trip. Join a group safaris or treks only cover a part of your trip: only for safari or trekking you'll be joined together with a group. Before & after the excursion is not included. On top of this, when you choose to join a group for safari or trekking, you can be joined together with clients from other reputable tour operators when we don't have enough clients ourselves. This is how we keep departure dates flexible and guarantee departure on almost every date.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

We can only offer trips at a certain price if a minimum of participants is confirmed. We do not want to endanger departure should anyone cancel. That is just unfair towards other participants. Once confirmed, only force majeure should stop the trip. This deposit (useally around 50% of the trip base price) is refundable up until 2 days prior to the trip, and to the extent that all extra costs caused by your cancellation are paid for (i.e. the bigger the group, the greater your refund, with an average of $250 to be refunded)

How is the rest of the payment handled?

The remainder of the base price can be paid either upon arrival in cash or by card (transfer fees apply) in USD or in GBP/EUR/TZS (exchange rates of the day applies, according to financial instituations in Tanzania). The additional trips should be paid 24 hours in advance, should you wish to participate. This leaves our agents with enough time to confirm and make arrangements. Our staff will enquire about additional trips during breakfast and dinner.

What happens if not enough people paid the deposit?

If the minimum required number of people confirmed their interest, yet we did not reach the minimmum number of deposits, everyone will get a full refund. We will contact you with future offers should you wish so.

I've entered the form, yet I now wish to participate on another trip. What should I do?

Simply fill in our form again, and we will contact you for any future trips

I have special dietary requirements. Can you accommodate them?

Yes, we can accommodate any special dietary requirement. Just let us know in advance and we'll take care of everything.

What makes Golden Dream Safaris group tours stand out?

We are all about exquisite service here at Golden Dream Safaris. We'll make sure someone is available to listen to your needs at all times. Wether it is fresh fruit, a cold beer, or a trip to the ATM you require, we are here to help and listen. Our trips are designed in cooperation with expats in Tanzania to ensure that we cover not only the tourist hot spots, but also the hidden local gems. We are a community, and we welcome you all to it.

What if I arrive early or leave late?

If you are arriving earlier than the group tour start date, or leave later than the last tour date, our team will be more than happy to accommodate you. We have plenty of suggestions for you to do in any location. Just let us know and we'll be there for you

What is a base price?

The base price is the minimum price you'll pay for a group tour, excluding all optional excursions.