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Diverse Day Trips

See what else Arusha has to offer


Themi Waterfall Hike

1 Day

Take a hike through Arusha's very own wilderness and villages, with Themi waterfall as end point. The hike takes about 3 to 4 hours and starts in Arusha, direction Mt Meru (Arusha National Park). We will pass by many local villages, gradually getting more and more self-reliable as move away from the city surrounding. You'll get impressions of the way people live for from the city. As we walk further the area will get more and more rural, with many banana trees and other crops along the way. Finally, we will enter Arusha National Park and see the 'jungle'. We will hike to the waterfall, enjoy scenic views of Arusha, to then return back to the city.

The hike is not physically challenging, but there are some ups & downs. We advise you to wear hiking boots and bring sandals. 

This is the perfect trip to get some impressions of how people live, get some exercise, and see natural beauty all in one day.

Maasai Village.jpg

Maasai Village

1 Day

Do you want to have a cultural experience in Tanzania? Do you want to see a lifestyle that is completely different than the western standards? Visit a Maasai village and be amazed. There are many villages around Arusha but we will take you to the most authentic ones only. 

In the village, the Maasai will show you how they live, what they eat, what the ranks in their society are, what their houses are made off, what their cultural customs and habits are. You will get a chance to dress up and join them in their ritual dance. Our guide will translate any questions you might have.

After visiting the village you will take a 2 hour hike in the wilderness surrounding the village, with Maasai warriors and a Maasai guide. You might be able to spot wildlife as well.

Kikuletwa Hot Springs

1 Day

This natural warm water swimming pool is located about an hour and a half from Arusha. Don't worry though, during the second half of the drive you'll enjoy magnificent scenery as we drive through deserted lands, with a view of mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day; passing my numerous baobab trees.

The water is very clear, there is a rope to swing from; and if you feel something tickling while you swim near the rocks, those are the little fish eating the dead skin from your feet.

You can rent floaties on the premises. You can also enjoy a drink, lunch and fresh fruit.

This is a perfect in-between trip to regain strength and cool down from the hot weather.


School Visit

Half Day ($5-$10 depending on the size of your group)

Have you ever wondered about the educational system in Tanzania? Would you like to see how schools operate? The classrooms look very different from western classrooms. We want to support our local communities by creating a higher awareness among tourists & help them develop.

We will pick you up after breakfast at your accommodation. We will stop by the local bookstore where you can buy material to donate (completely optional though). In the store they have notebooks, school books, pencils, pens,... We are in contact with the local schools so we can advise you on what they need most.

The headmaster of the school will give you a tour of the school and tell you more about challenges they are facing. You can follow a class if you're interested (in private schools lessons are in English). You will enjoy tea with the teaching staff and breaktime with children at the playground.

Afterwards we will drop you off at your accommodation or at any place in Arusha.

Not available during weekends or school holidays.

Kilimanjaro Day Trip

1 Day

Do you want to experience Mt Kilimanjaro without having to climb to the top? Do you have a time constraint and want to do a short hike? Then this is the trip for you.

We start our trip around 8.30am as we drive to Marangu Gate where we will start our hike. We will hike 2700 meters up (3 hours) to the first viewing point. Lunch will take place at a picnic site within Kilimanjaro National Park. After taking some pictures with the breathtaking view we will start to head back to Marangu gates (2 hours).

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