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Weather & Climate

Even though Tanzania is good for wildlife viewing all year round, the best months to visit are considered to be from late June until October, when it's the dry season. The wildebeest migration can be seen during June and July. From late January until February you can see the wildebeest calving. 

March-April: Rainy season, 16 - 29 degrees Celsius, 61 - 84 degrees Fahrenheit, Humid & Wet, National parks are green and lush

May-October: Dry season, 14 - 33 degrees Celsius, 57 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit, Hot & Dry, parks are dry and dusty yet animals come out to watering holes

November-February: Short rains: 16-30 degrees Celsius, 61 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit, Rain every couple of days, keeping the parks green and lush

The climate of Northern Tanzania is usually nice and warm during the day, but it can cool down quite a bit at night, making sure that you can get a good nights rest

Current Weather

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