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Frequently Asked Questions

- How Can I get to Arusha?

- Can I charge my phone while on safari?

- Should  I take malaria pills on safari?

- What should I pack for a trekking trip?

- How can I pay for my trip?

- What should I wear on safari?

- Which information should I include in my enquiry?

- What are the prices of the tour packages?

- How much should I tip?

- When is the best time to go on safari?

- Joining a group, how does that work?

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How can I get to Arusha?

You can either fly to Kilimanjaro airport (JRO; international flights) or Arusha airport (ARK; domestic flights only). From Kilimanjaro airport to Arusha is a one hour drive. From Arusha airport a 20 minute drive. Ask us for a pick-up from the airport. You can also reach Arusha by bus from neighboring countries. To find flight our favorites are Skyscanner and Google flights

Can I charge my phone while on safari?

The vehicle is equipped with plugs (UK type plug, not USB). At the campsite there are plugs in common areas. Tented lodges and lodges have plugs in the room.

Should I take malaria pills on safari?

Mosquito spray (DEET) is definitely recommended. Many tourists also take anti-malaria tablets

What should I pack for a trekking trip?

Thermal underwear or other warm clothes and comfortable water-resistant walking boots are the most important. A torch that's attachable to your head, a poncho and a smaller backpack for the things you wish to carry with you always come in handy. Don't forget to pack plenty of socks just in case: hiking with wet socks is very uncomfortable. Sunglasses or ski glasses are also very useful since the sun is very bright on the snow and winds can be strong up high.

How can I pay for my trip?

Payment can be made upon arrival in cash (TZS, GBP, USD, EUR). Exchange rates of the exchange bureaus in Arusha on the payment date apply. Depending on your trip there is a possibility to pay a part of the amount by card. Please request more information when inquiring. 

What should I wear  on safari?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in and looks good on pictures! Avoid dark colors like black and dark blue since the tsetse flies are attracted to those colors. For tented camping safaris in Ngorongoro crater: it might get cold during the night so make sure you have something warm to wear.

Which information should I include in my inquiry?


  • How many people are you?

  • Preferred trip dates

  • Do you want an airport pick-up? If so, at which airport do you arrive on what time?

  • Do you have any dietary needs? 

For trekking Kilimanjaro:

  • Which route would like like to climb and in how many days?

  • Do you want us to arrange a hotel for you for the night before/after the trek?

For Safari:

  • Which parks would you like to visit in how many days (which tour package)?

  • Which type of accommodation do you want: tents, tented lodge, or lodge?

  • Do you want a private safari or are you okay with joining a group?

  • Do you want us to arrange a hotel for you in Arusha for the night before/after safari?

What are the prices for the tour packages?

Our tours can be customized so that they fit your every need. That is why prices depend on various factors: number of people, parks you want to visit, accommodation type, trekking route, private or joining tour, availability of groups, season, duration of the tour. Please inquire and we'll give you a quotation as soon as possiblePRICES range from 180 USD per person per day (camping safari, joining a group) to 500 USD per person per day (private safari lodge accommodation). Find out more about the park fees on the governments website TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks).

How much should I tip?

Tips are often the main source of income for drivers/guides & cooks on safari. That's why tipping is highly recommended. The usual amount is about 15 USD per day for the driver/guide and 10 USD per day for the cook/porters, however the amount is up to you. See "Who To Tip" or Tripadvisor on Tipping on Safari.

When is the best time to go on safari?

Even though Tanzania is good for wildlife viewing all year round, the best months to visit are considered to be from late June until October, when it's the dry season. The wildebeest migration can be seen during June and July. From late January until February you can see the wildebeest calving. Find out more on the Tripadvisor thread "Best time for safari in Tanzania".

Joining a group, how does that work?

When you join a group, you are joined with other clients that are going on safari on the same date. Groups are 4-6 people, but worry not: everyone gets a window seat and the roof opens as well. Depending on the planned trips and the number of clients you might not do the full trip with a certain group but drop in at a later point in time. Although we try to avoid it, clients with different accommodation types (camping, tented lodge, lodge) might be joined together if necessary. If we do not have a sufficient number of clients ourselves to ensure departure, we work together with different reputable tour operators to join clients together. In this way we have a high flexibility on departure dates and are able to keep the costs low for everyone, ensuring that clients can start their preferred itinerary on their preferred start date!

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